Freelancer - 20th anniversary celebration with lots of events!

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Freelancer - 20th anniversary celebration with lots of events!

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Because Freelancer is almost 20 years old by now, the community will celebrate it a little. This is the official invitation:

Greetings Everyone

Our beloved freelancer turns 20 on March 4th. This is a powerful number, so we, as part of the freelancer community, have prepared a big event for you.

I'm excited to introduce you to the "Freelancer 20th Anniversary event week". from 24. Februar 2023 to 5. March 2023, various activities from various event hosts, mods, and projects will take place. Whether server events, Q&A's, or Play Together, everything is included and is also streamed by the event hosts on Twitch or YouTube.
Attached you will find the event calendar.

Since details on all events are beyond the scope of this announcement, you can find them on the representative community channels or in the Event section on the Freelancer Galactic Community Discord in due course.
Discord Link:

However, we will inform you again shortly before the start of the event via an announcement. You are cordially invited to celebrate Freelancer's 20th birthday with us, we look forward to seeing you.

Let's together grow, prosper and flourish as a big community!

Good luck out their Freelancer Alpha 1-1.

Also, New Universe exists since 2007, that means its been 15 long years. We Will be streaming on the 24th and 27th along with server events. The exact event will be announced at that day on stream and server, depending on participations. If you are not on our discord yet, think about joining us here as well:

Feel free to join in on the stream or even better be on the server yourself, starting at 6pm CET (18 Uhr) on or even better, be there, participate, and help us bring some new life into Freelancer
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